and Experience

and Experience

In TV Productions and
Satellite/Internet Transmission

In TV Productions and
Satellite/Internet Transmission

What we do

We are a Video, TV, satellite uplinks and streaming services company, with advanced technology and highly trained and experienced staff.

Own mobile units and portable equipment ready to cover any event, sports, commercial or news event, shows or teleconferences, telemedicine, public events, government, and more.

40-year experience in the Television, Video and Communications Industry.


Satellite Mini Mobile News

Vehicles equipped with satellite antennas, HD cameras, wireless microphones, IFB Telex returns, DirecTV reception and mobile telephony.

Satellite Uplink Units

Vehicles with motorized antennas or fly-Away Units in Ku Band, for connectivity with International and domestic satellites.


Video and audio to access the different platforms or insert into the client’s Website and social media accounts.


Through satellite uplinks or streaming-internet,
to link multiple auditoriums with two-way audio and video, from surgery rooms to auditoriums anywhere in the world, from professionals to multiple remote auditoriums and all the alternatives that may arise to interconnect remote points with the highest reliability and confidentiality.

Mobile Television Production units

Equipped with Full HD technology, broadcast cameras and switchers, PC & solid discs video players recorders, character generator and animated graphics, 16 channel Yamaha
sound console, ClearCom Intercom System, microphone wireless and IFB Telex returns, video and audio monitors, set of lighting and inputs for multiple peripheral equipment.

All vehicles have a generator unit and uninterruptible power (UPS)


Satellite and streaming

Up Link HD Ku Band DVB-S2
Encoders / Modulators

Dexin Digital NDS-3543D
ABE Italy DME-1000
BISS encryption
4 audio channels

BUC and HPA – Powers

Stellar E2V / Marconi 6318 – 180w
Alga / Mitec solid state 50w

Motorized Antenna

MotoSat – Prodelin 1,2m

Antenna Fly Away

Patriot 1,2m

Spectro Analyzer RF

Avcom PSA-45D

Receiver IRD – DVB-S2
Wellav UMH-160

BISS encryption
4 audio channels

Blackmagic Standards Processors / Converters

Monitor Waveform
and Vectorscope

Datavideo VS-150

Streaming encoder

Magewell Ultra
WireCast sobre PC



Switcher Ross Crossover 12
HD inputs, DSK outputs
and Clean Feed

Switcher Blackmagic Design Atem 1 M / E HD and 4k

Yamaha  Audio Console

16 Channel
Embedded Audio
and Analog Inputs

Monitor Waveform
and Vectorscope Datavideo VS-150

Multiview monitoring
Remote Switcher and
Multiview Operation
up to 100m

Graphic Generator and Titles, Plates and Animations with alpha channel

Video Servers on PC Intel i7 and i5 with Blackmagic boards

Play / Rec HD Blackmagic Hyper Deck Studio SSD (Solid State Drives)

Digital Video Matrix
Blackmagic 16X16

Conversores Externos
Blackmagic: Analogo/Digital, HDMI/SDI, Audio Embebido, Fibra Óptica

SDI HD Digital
Video Distributor
Panasonic HPX 371 P2-HD HD Cameras (3MOS)

Canon XA-25 HD camera

GoPro HD micro cameras

Optical Fiber for cameras

Camera Tripods Manfrotto

Portable Led

Cold light panels

Intercom ClearCom System for Director, Cameras, Producer and Journalists

Mobile Phone for Returns
and Coordination

Satellite Telephony – Inmarsat BGAM HNS 9201

Sony Wireless Microphones

Return for Talent
Telex inEar earphone

UPS Emerson Liebert 3KVA

Power Generator 3Kva
Honda EU 30i Soundproof

Slide Slide


Let us know your need
for Interconnection,
TV or video production.
Don’t hesitate to reach out
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Company authorized by ENACOM Licencia Digital

Certified by ArSat, Intelsat y Hispasat.


Adrián Palevich
Tel.: +54 9 351 559 1405

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